January 25, 2005

New Tricks

He's got a new little friend at nursery called Sienna, who is only a
few days older than him, and she's walking quite well (although she
was very funny when she fell over backwards!), so I think he's been
getting lessons off her.

And, of course, he can already do the housework better than his dad ...

He's had a good weekend for learning new tricks. First of all he
demonstrated that mummy is obviously spending all of her time which
isn't spent at work doing laundry instead. First he crawled to the
washing basket in the kitchen, pulled out his babygrow from the top,
crawled to the washing machine and carefully depositted it inside.
Then crawled back, grabbed one of his socks, crawled back, inserted
it into the machine. And again with a little vest. Then a pair of
denim dungarees - but just as he was putting them in, he changed his
mind, dropped them to the floor, and went and fetched the next thing
instead. So he's obviously even got the hang of sorting out the light
and dark clothes!

Then later on he was standing, using the coffee table for balance with
one hand, and something grasped in his other hand. So mean mummy put
his 'next' woolly hat on. So he let go of the coffee table and pulled
the hat off. Not even a wobble. Mind you, his feet were about 16"

He's also got the hang of clapping - both on his own, and on mummy's
hands (and face and throat, especially whilst he's meant to be going

And his language is, slowly, improving. Although now everyone appears
to be mamamamama. 'Dor' quite often does mean door, but I think it
actually means "go that way" or "take me there" or "I'm going that way"
if he's not being held. And "fssssssssssssssssssssssh" for fishy. :-)
And Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm for milk. And, of course, the ever-famous
lurdleurdleurdle for banana!

Posted by vicky at January 25, 2005 01:34 PM