April 03, 2005

New Shoes !!!

Benjamin just got his first pair of new shoes !! Now he's walking on his own a bit they said at the shop he needed proper ones with a hard sole. He had them put on him and he didn't like them to start with, he cried and cried, well for 30 seconds anyways, which isn't good in a shop really. So he tried some others on, and then the first ones were really the best, well you can get his foot in them easily, and they have a buckle, which, as a key feature for us, isn't as easy as laces or velcro to undo (although he did manage to get one off later). They seem to make him walk much better, he has to pick up his feet, and his legs are closer together than his former john wayne impersonations. So all's good there.

Posted by nickh at April 3, 2005 05:19 PM