May 24, 2005

Come on, more entries...

Sorry, neglecting this blog a little. Benjamin is fine, and happy. Spends his days babbling awaya to himself and others. Named some toys the other day, pedro the tangerine bear, tom the rustling clover irish cow, and I'll have to guess as the spelling of this one, Bedada Babra the yellow clown pillow case.

Anyways, he left (yes, it was him :->) his shoes at nanna's house last week and aunty liz (who he goes to see on a tuesday) bought him some very nice (non leather -> vegetarian) shoes. They are sandals and fasten much easier than the last ones, and we didn't have to remortgage the house to buy them like the last ones.

Anyway he's a pic or three of our hero.

Building Site inspectorChecking out the inside of the finished summerhouseChecking out the inside of the finished summerhouse part 2

Posted by nickh at May 24, 2005 10:11 AM