February 12, 2012

Poor Bendy's Blog!

It seems to have been rather a while since anyone updated Benjamin's blog! Poor little pudding.

He's a huge 8 year old now. Scrawny and long kinda huge. With straggley hair dangling into his eyes right now. Someone needs a haircut this half term holiday.

He's up to year 3, still very good at maths and reading and very interested in science, still with the writing of a 6 month old. Apparently his teacher tried him with typing instead of writing, but it didn't help.

He's been taking piano lessons for a few years, and guitar, and now they're doing violin lessons in class. And he's started doing tap + jazz dancing (in the baby class rather than in my mixed ability class - which he tried out, but he couldn't keep up, as everyone else had been there for a year or more by then). He is meant to be dancing Singing In The Rain at the show this summer.

Posted by Andwynn at February 12, 2012 02:25 PM