October 15, 2004

Odeon: still inept, but now there's a service


Well it took them long enough, but now Odeon have not so much seen the error of their ways, but obviously been threatened with being sued so they've put up a text only film times site aka "accesibility ghetto", where all the people who don't have IE with Flash installed can actually get film times.

So, they don't have the information about the films, the trailers, or much of the other useful stuff people may want to see.

Interestingly given the 1st of October deadline for accessibility via the web to advertising jobs (here on the 'inaccessible 'site) they don't supply the information on the text only version. So legally I'm guessing they are very much NOT out of the woods.

Laughabley they have a nive seal at the bottom of the page saying "inverstors in people". Should of course read "investors in people as long as you are not in any way disabled, or dislike multinationals like macromedia or microsoft)."

Their answer to this will of course be "Oh, phone our internet helpline on 0800 xxx xxxx", but

"come on, just cos you were inept in securing a web developer with any morals 3 years ago shouldnt mean people should still be suffering, or did you blow crap loads of cash on a crap system and if you admit you were wrong the cretin that did it may have to get a job he's capable of, like sitting on the dole"

Frankly their accesibilty information is missing the whole point, big white text message, whoop whoop, but their page isn't even valid html..., so how all these screen readers are supposed to cope is going to be a nice adventure... missing a doctype is one thing, but body tags missing??? /html missing?? they really have been taken for a ride by some developer cowboys.

Posted by nickh at October 15, 2004 09:49 AM

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