October 16, 2004

apachecon talk

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So after about the 5th attempt, and 4th complete redraft, I finally submitted my talk to the planners of ApacheCon TU17 - Migrating the BBC website to Apache 2, and have a speaker logo on the cight.com homepage for now anyways.

The Logo:

ApacheCon 2004 Speaker

So I've had a practice session or two and I've got a month left for some more of the same. People wanted me to change a few bits, but nothing much... So I'm pretty happy with how it looks now. The big issue is not knowing the audience that is going to turn up. Last year when I went I was surprised by some of the basic questions that were asked, as in they were very basic. But with is being the only migration talk, I think, I reckon some of the apache authors may turn up to see what is said about their baby, so I'd better be careful where I tread.

Posted by nickh at October 16, 2004 02:43 AM

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