November 14, 2004

Issues with hotel

ApacheCon04, Blah blah blahh..., Rant

Quite a few unfortunately, I'm hoping its not going to detract too much from being here at ApacheCon, I'm sure it wont. Its only the tutorial days to start with but already I'm happy with the way the conference is panning out.

So, I get here and the place is a building site, as talked about the apachCon grande chief thing whatsit ken coar on his blog.

Well to start with they put me in a room right at the back of the complex (literaly, like the last corner room of the area), but they were nice enough to move me to somewhere closer to the front of the hotel, but its a smoking room (which does smell of smoke), smaller room, with a smaller bed, and a shower not a bath.

Breakfast, which is advertised as a buffet is now restricted to an 'a la carte' items menu as blogged by Rich Bowen. which would have been much more expensive if I'd eaten as much as I'd wanted to first morning, but then I wouldn't have been able to expense that.

Seems that the DNS here at the hotel is pretty flakey. Randomly. you're just surfing about, and then it starts telling you that the document contains no data, then that is not available... pfft oh well...

In converation with some of the Apache-rati I was told that the reason they use this place is because it has no gambling on site, meaning something about minors being allowed in. Although also it was suggested that if they had known this rennovation was going on they would not have come here. Maybe next year ehh...

Posted by nickh at November 14, 2004 10:49 AM

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