February 05, 2005



My new favourite shop ebuyer.com. Well it will be if all the bits turn up I just bought. Its fairly well priced and seems to have a good range of stuff.

(taa FraZor)

Found it after dabs and scan didn't have all the stuff I wanted (I wanted to buy from one shop so I wouldnt pay delivery twice). So I ask my mate FraZor and he sent me there and to overclockers, and overclockers just plain wanted to rip me off, charging 25% more for the PSU I wanted. Anyways, e-buyer, nice quick site, few bugs where you try to click to page two, and you end up somewhere else... and I don't really like the fact you get 'promoted items' for the first screenful or two and you have to go, show me everything is this subcategory.

Posted by nickh at February 5, 2005 03:50 PM

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