February 09, 2005

firefox "dislikes" :-(


Firefox has drawbacks imho in relation to Mozilla UI in the passwords management area. In mozilla if you come to a page where you have entered (and saved) a password before it will pop-up a dialog to say do you want to use it (or chose between several if that's the case). Now I can see this annoying some people, but I like it, and you can always turn it off. In firefox however you have to start typing the first letter your username in the box before it will give you options of previously used passwords. I can appreciate why they may have done it, and that this may be an advisable default, but can't there be a setting to bring back the mozilla way?

Oh and also why is 'Begin finding when you begin typing" hidden in the advanced > accessibility settings section?

Posted by nickh at February 9, 2005 10:22 PM

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