December 24, 2005

Indiana Jones, so great!

Social Commentary

I must just say, watching Temple of Doom on a Saturday afternoon (even if it only happens on Christmas eve), where did this type of film go? High excitement, a total rollercoaster of a film; Gadgets, mysticism, leather whips, and a proper hero.

Actually on that point a hero that encourages education, and if anyone didn't spot it, he is a historian. That's one thing that's missing, no decent role models. Looking at this weeks UK top 10:

1. King Kong
- angry monkey

2. The Chronicles Of Narnia
- naughty kids

3. Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
- naughty kids, but at least this time well meaning kids

4. Flightplan
- pass

5. The Family Stone
- pass

6. Lassie
- a hero at least, but the kind that makes kids want to be dogs, and says that humans are all round stupid enough to need rescuing by a dog (oh no, timmy fell down the well)

7. March Of The Penguins
- no comment

8. The Polar Express
- more naughty kids

9. Bluffmaster!
- con artist, etc, just great

10. The Constant Gardener
- bit whingey, not a hero really

Where have all the hero's gone ?

Posted by nickh at December 24, 2005 01:15 PM

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