June 21, 2006

Evil Exxon

Exxon Secrets, how Exxonmobile fund the global warming sceptics.

Its actually a good use of flash to explain the complex funding relationships. Also highlights how all the people round Bush are connected to Exxon funded companies, and how those companies ask Bush to do things or not and he does what they tell him.

oh, the surprise...

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April 04, 2006

Today's planet saving tip

If anyone else, like me, has a pile of old phone books in the drawer that they've *never* looked at, you might like to know that a 15 second call to 0800 833 400 > option 1 > option 1 can get you removed from the delivery list.

...and of course if you ever find you unexpectedly need the book again you can use online version :-)

thanks to mat for this tip

(this is obviously UK only)

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