October 15, 2004

...to park or not to park

So its supposed to be Parking: Battle of the Sexes, but really its just a silly game... but fun all the same, I scored 408.

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September 23, 2004

Riders ready?

Pedals ready? Go !!BMX backflips, another game from mousebreaker.com, and damw frustrating too...

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September 10, 2004

more pesksy penguins

Its time for Yetisports6, this time its surfing. Try to do jumps and turns to get points, I'm up to 18000 points

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September 02, 2004

Avast Yee Landlubber

Yee olde pirates is back from the days of the Amiga, and by the looks of it, it will be brilliant !! Sid Meier's Pirates! . Out 17th November.

That's right, Sid Meier, the bloke who made the civ games, railroad tycoon, etc etc...

So what's Pirates like, well, its a bit adventure game with find the treasure, etc, a bit "elite" with buying and selling and the occasional plunder (well quite a lot of that actually), and a bit street fighter in the sword fighting sections - defend, defend, attack, up-left. And the sailing and attack bits of the game look cool as ever. I remember the days of - "quick follow him", "no he's in a barque and we've got a galleon with sail dammage, we'll never catch him" or "shoot, shoot him some more, whoops, that's too much, his power kegs have gone and he's sank will all the booty".

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August 01, 2004

robin hood, robin hood...

Afrom the same site Mousebreaker Online Games presents Eagle Eye Archery!. pretty good fun. quick shoot him in the eyes for extra points... !

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Stick Cricket

UPDATED : old site now broken, found again here at freeworldgroup stickcricket

One I found while looking around on a site someone sent me, Mousebreaker Online Games presents Stick Cricket! Its pretty playable, unlike other cricket flash games :-)

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