May 11, 2012

First Broad Bean!

Checked the stray broad bean plant that is growing next to the kitchen window in the grape pot, and it has set its first fruit! Mind you, it's been about a month ahead of everything else for quite some time. I think the heat off the wall must be pushing it forward whilst all the others are having to put their woolly coats on again.

Some little bugger has munched through all of the expensive Shiraz (purple) mangetout which had just popped through the ground in half-pipes in the greenhouse. :-( Why these things can't eat the cheap ones, I don't know!

As of last weekend, all of the potatoes are now in - last 3 sets were a bit rat-nibbled! But that shouldn't make any difference, as they were sprouting well anyhow. So now we have:
* annabel
* rocket
* charlotte
* lady christl
* kestrel
* orla
* maris piper
* king edward

Rhubarb is doing exceptionally well this year. Must be all the rain. Have to keep an eye on it for flowers, though. Pretty though they are, they need chopping off asap - and without leaving a hollow to fill with more rain and cause rot. I also broke one of the crowns with careless picking, but there is so much of it, I doubt it will even notice.

Posted by Andwynn at May 11, 2012 10:38 AM