June 10, 2013

Well into the year now

So one whole set of french and runner beans up, with courgettes underneath (with some gaps to put the later bush + round courgettes in), and a structure for growing more beans full of butternuts underneath (which can all run rampant over the old strawberry patch).
Potatoes are very very late going in. :-( But finally put most of them out in pots, as got fed up waiting for a patch of soil to get itself ready. *ahem*
4 varieties in pots, all lagging behind everyone else quite terribly. 2 left to go out. But run out of pots. So not sure where they are going. I figure that at least this way once they are ready, I can bring them into the (hopefully blight free!) greenhouse and then empty them when I need them, rather than empty, bag, leave to go green ..
A double row of pink broad beans are well into flower - very short plants this year, which I'm sure were taller last year. But if they crop, that's all I need. Put some more in yesterday (with a bit of help from Daniel's friend's mum, who came to have a dig!).
Strawberries are big and white, so not long for them.
And more rhubarb than I can possibly ever think about eating! Rhubarb jam in the pipeline, then ...

Posted by Andwynn at 02:58 PM