May 03, 2011

First pea!!

I really ought to get some photos on here. Saw the flowers and thought "oh, that's nice, they're flowering already". And there in the middle is the first mange-tout like pea. It's not a mange tout, it needs to fatten up some before it's edible. But even so, it's there!

Also put in another few rows of potatoes. Have noted down the varieties and will post them later. 2 first earlies and 4 second earlies in so far, with 3 to go plus 2 maincrop still to go in.

Blackcurrants are covered in little green fruit, gooseberries are fattening up, strawberries are coated in flowers. Shame they all need a good rainfall now, and it's been dry for the past month! But rain is promised for the end of the week, I hear.

Broad beans, after the overwintering disaster (they flowered and died before the end of the year!) are coming along nicely, and the onions are all looking good.

Took out the strawberry-wards patch of leeks, so now have a bag of 15 or so leeks to do something with. Hmm. Saute and freeze?

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