July 18, 2011

Everything is coming up veggies!

I've been told off for not keeping the old blog up to date. Apparently so far this year all I've had is a pea! Oops.

So a summary of the current state of play ...

Potatoes - had one or two, but a lot went in late, so we're still waiting on them. The ones we've had have been good, but not prolific. (If I didn't mention already - this year we planted in plastic bags, to help with lifting when it comes to it .. after we accidentally didn't get around to lifting until Feb this year! Soggy tatties!)

Tomatoes - 2 greenhouses full of many many many many plants, a few flowers, and a couple of tomatolets.

Courgettes - all of a sudden we're getting about 5 a day!

Broad beans - beautiful when they were in flower! The white-flowered ones are all but gone, the gorgeous scarlet-flowered ones are ready to be picked.

Peas - have gone mad! Unfortunately the pea moth have gotten into them. As normal. :-(

Beans - I accidentally planted a whole range of things under the beans this year, by emptying the compost bin under them, and now they are full of potatoes and pumpkin plants! But for all that, it's going well. I think I got it right this year - planted some dwarf beans in root trainers and planted them out, then planted the runners + other tall beans straight in the ground (totally oversowed them, after tripping with the tin and throwing them all in at once!!) are way behind, but the dwarf beans are very rewarding. After the droughty May/June, it looks like i'm the only person on the allotment with any beans atm, as they all wait for their runners to get to the top. Incidentally, my runner frame is lovely this year, with proper wood after Nick got some copiced tree cuttings earlier this year.

Alliums - 3 colours of onion all between full grown and ready to be dried, garlic .. quite poor show for one variety (pink, 3 bulbs, all rotted *sob*), but some others that have come from old leftovers of last year, they're doing well .. mostly stored in a pair of old dancing tights with ladders! Leeks, have been waiting to go out into the big wide world since Feb. Oops. And shallots - Nick's banana shallots have finally got an outing!

Carrots and beetroot are going well. Corn is mad, but got a long way to go yet. Scorzonera has failed to appear at all.

Pumpkins and squash are just going out.

Fruit - cherry tree did badly, with only a couple of fruit getting to edible and even then they weren't very edible! Gooseberries were good to start with, but the later ones are terribly small! Blackcurrants and redcurrants, as normal, are lovely and beautiful and abundant! Only a handful of whitecurrants again, but they're getting there. And the Aronia berries are hopefully going to be ready for jam some time soon.

Right, that's the summary over, I'll upload some photos as soon as I can!

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