August 20, 2011

Horrible Blight :-(

So we appear to be the only plot on the allotment -not- to have blight, either on potatoes or tomatoes ... however, even worse! - it's in our greenhouse. *sob*

Looking like we may lose a significant amount of greenhouse2 (in our neighbour's garden, usually the most productive one cos it gets more sun, although this is our first year with Nick's "greenhouse on legs", which he was hoping would bring more sun in - and so far, we've had ripe tomatoes first in there, which is boding well ... although to be fair, we did plant in there first!)

So. Time will tell, but right now it looks like we're going to lose 1 plant (will check the variety and report back!) and a lot more have it on the leaves, which Nick is cutting back.

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August 17, 2011

It's showwwwwwww timmmmme!

The gardening club show is happening at the weekend. As ever, I'll be entering too many things again. :-/

So far I am ready with:
* marmalade
* jam (although may make some more)
* painting (maybe - needs framing)

Should be easy to get:
* courgettes
* tomato truss (was looking at the pear shaped, although not many on the truss, so maybe not!)
* 3 x soft fruit
* specimen rose
* fucshia
* impatiens

Need to do some sorting out to get:
* spuds (white and coloured)
* beans (may not have any this year in time!)
* tomatoes (large and cherry - only just coming ripe!)
* onions (need sorting)
* 3 x dahlia
* 3 x annual flower
* 3 x perennial flower

Looking unlikely:
* beetroots (too small)
* carrots (too small)
* leeks (much much too small)
* geranium (looking tatty)
* flowering plant (not looking great)
* orchid (all a bit ropey)

Then I still have to do:
* lemon curd
* victoria sponge
* vegetarian dish
* shortbread
* tea loaf

Looking unlikely but may still try:
* chutney
* pencil drawing
* cross stitch
* 3 x handmade card

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Spud Time

Had a big spud-digging session yesterday. Although not actually all that much digging at all, as they have all been grown in bags this year. Which is really quite handy when it comes to lifting them!

5 types lifted yesterday, one had already been and gone (and I've no idea where they went, which is a bit worrying!). So now all I have to do is find my diagram of what was where!

For notes, before I forget: (back to front)
* main crop
* lifted these, they are white with red - rudolph?
* 2nd early, still growing
* 2nd early, still growing
* lifted - very low yield, but huge spuds
* lifted - average-low yield, quite large
* lifted - quite a lot of small yellowish ones
* lifted - average-good yield of smallish.
* already lifted, were small
* main crop

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