August 21, 2012

Tomato tomato raspberry tomato

The tomatoes are now in full swing, so to speak. Had a bit of a disaster earlier this week where all the strings holding them up got too weighed down, and the strings snapped and/or the greenhouse clips fell out! So I've picked up the tomato carpet and cuddled it all back in with twine, and it now appears to be mostly vertical with a big canopy over the top. Who needs to shade their greenhouse when you can just knit a big leafy canopy over the top!

Loads and loads of flowers still waiting for a visit by Nick's Bees. The bigger tomatoes are all swelling up but not much sign of any colour other than in the odd Harbinger. We did, quite surprisingly, manage to get enough to put in the Old Harlow Gardening Club show in the "4 tomatoes" category. More on that in a later post. But Harbinger are a good show-tomato, as they form very regular and consistantly sized (although not /big/) fruit.

Off to pick some raspberries now. They are soooooo much better than last year! All big and with a bit of structure this time, instead of small and rather squishy!

Posted by Andwynn at August 21, 2012 05:48 PM