January 15, 2012

A new year of allotmenteering

We've done a little bit of poking around on the plot this year, but not a lot so far. Although Nick has got himself a new toy, so now we've at least got some patches you can get a fork into.

Top plot needs the carrots and beetroot from last year taking out. Aubergines at the top of plot 2 died without getting to flower, which wasn't surprising. Have put the banana shallots (from seed) in there. Still have some other oniony things in Gwen's greenhouse, which I think were mixed onions from seed, they should go in the same place. And the un-herded garlic from last year has regrown, over on the other side of that top plot. Leaving the very middle, which is currently covered in poo, waiting for covering and putting in transplanted strawberries.

Nick has tilled over all of that whole plot now, bar the permanent fruits, which need pruning, mulching, etc, etc. So many things to do!

Bought potatoes from Thompson + Morgan this year, so no trip to Hampshire potato day planned. Arrived a couple of days ago. We have: cara, kestrel, king edward, maris piper, charlotte, rocket, lady christl. And another one.

And dug up a couple of tubs of Christmas Potatoes. They're mostly eeny weeny little things. Let's say I won't be peeling them.

Spent 2 hours in the greenhouse today, temperature dropped from 6 to 4, and my toes and fingers and bum all really didn't appreciate it. But managed to pot up 14 lavender plants (for 2 quid) and 30-40 Accidental cabbages.

Lots of weeding and pruning desperate for me to do them!

Posted by Andwynn at 12:59 AM