January 09, 2011

A lovely new year ...

First trip to the allotment this year.

The autumn-sown onions are looking a lot happier than I had expected them to given the arctic conditions they've been subjected to. Can't remember what variety they were, but the first row was brown, and the second is red. They're actually a lot better than I had expected given the state some of them were in when I put them in - they were leftover from last year, and I wasn't expecting more than 20% or so to come through!

Added a third row - a line of Marco garlic (very strong flavour, and excellent for storing, apparently!), from 3 bulbs. That was the last thing we managed to do before we left due to extremely cold feet. 2 pairs of socks under a pair of wellies and I still got icy toes!

Leftovers from last year ... got a bunch of cabbages that have made it through the cold; red russian kale is still managing to survive, but the green seems to only be fit for the chickens now; potatoes are still in the ground - dug some up today (about a 6-pack of crisps size amount) which has hopefully cleared one big patch ready for working on for planting. That could be a nice big patch of carrots!

Chopped a couple of branches off the blackcurrants, but pruning always feels a bit ... cruel. And the new fruit grows on last year's growth, so it's a bit confusing which ones to take off! I hate cutting off new buds, I feel like a murderer.

Hoping to get some more fruit on the whitecurrant this year. We got loads of blackcurrants, as many redcurrants as we could possibly eat (and they are beautiful when they freeze - must make some redcurrant muffins some time soon!), but only a handful of whites. Perhaps if I take some cuttings now we can get some extra plants growing by next year.

Posted by Andwynn at 10:19 PM