January 06, 2013

New Year, Same Old 'Lotment

Today I made Allotment Soup!

Ingredients from the allotment:
* 1 swede
* 4 leeks
* 1 head of cavolo nero
* 2 bunches of swiss chard
* handful of dodgy potatoes

Extra ingredients:
* can of chopped tomatoes
* sprinkle of herbs du provence
* end of a jar of bay leaves
* can of pinto beans
* small can flageolot beans

I also pruned the roses, blackcurrants and chopped up a very confused gooseberry that had snuck into the blackcurrant patch. (I've planted the cut gooseberry sticks in a spare* patch to see if they root, I'll transfer them if they do)

Have to start thinking about potato-buying soon!

Posted by Andwynn at 09:23 PM