March 05, 2012

First spuds in!

Finally got the first 5 annabels in at the weekend. Although they're a bit far apart, I may have to dig them back up and shuffle them together so I can fit more in. (Panic not - they're in black grow-sacks, in the ground)

11 new asparagus plants in - 2x3 Colossal something, 5 of some other variety Nick bought off ebay.

And added 2 new rows of onion sets - so now we have 1 red + 2 white.

Seedlings aren't looking so healthy.
One tray of GDs are still going well.
A tray of Harbinger tomatoes (which Nick knocked on the floor, so I'm surprised they're doing anything!) have a few sprouted out.
And the California Wonder peppers have some little sprouted plants.
Plus Daniel's 2 little yellow bush tomatoes.

Everything else - other peppers, melons, aubergines, nothing showing so far still.
And the mushrooms are still refusing to show - got as far as the white speckledy stuff, but no actual 'shrooms.

Posted by Andwynn at March 5, 2012 09:45 PM